Decorative Containers

Complete your interior design with elegant containers that complement your plants & décor

Decorative Containers

A Plant Affair, LLC has a variety of containers available to suit your decor and enhance your plant choices.  We carry the latest in ceramic, metallic, fiberglass and polyresin styles.

Containers are important elements of your interior décor.   They not only complement the foliage you choose, but they also add color and personal style to your atmosphere.  Our container selection is vast, encompassing the complete line of Gainey Ceramics, Architectural Supplements, Asian Ceramics, European-style containers and a wide array of Fiberglass options. We have cylinders, squares, and everything in between, in sizes ranging from 4 inches to 4 feet. Containers can be free-standing on the floor, or they can be wall-mounted, hanging, or desktop designs.

We use the finest quality containers that are designed for years of beauty and durability.  Take a moment to browse our container galleries.

Once you have made your selections, The Plant Affair experts will set up & stage your containers with their plants.  Our set-up includes a sub-irrigation watering system, which maximizes the health of your plants and their benefits to you.

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