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Chubb & Son has been a client of Plant Affair for approximately 30 years. The personal and professional attention given to our interior plant decor is an impeccable example of the service they provide. The staff at Plant Affair take great pride in maintaining our plants and guarantee their service. They are very knowledgeable on all varieties of plants and are experts in the field of interior plant design.

Our plants are beautifully maintained, contributing to an aesthetic working environment. Staff at Plant Affair perform quality work which is above and beyond reproach. I can say, without a doubt, they are the best in their field. I highly recommend their Company to everyone.

-Coleen Rockey, Chubb & Son

When managing a Class A building in a competitive real-estate market, quality vendors make all the difference in a hectic work schedule. I’ve worked with Plant Affair for over 10 years, and they have consistently provided interior landscape service that exceeded my expectations. Not only do the plants look great, but their team is proactive and a pleasure to work with.  If you have the opportunity to work with this company take it, you’ll be happy you did.

-Rene La Reau, Assistant Manager

I’ve been working with Bruce and his team at Plant Affair on and off for more than 18 years.  I can say with all sincerity that I would never personally choose a different interior landscaper to service my interior landscape needs.  They are responsive, creative, prompt and so helpful.  They will work closely with you to help you get just what you need – and within your budget.  A few years ago I started working at a new property and I was told there was no budget for live plants.  I turned to Bruce to see if he could help or refer me.  I never thought I would ever be purchasing silk plants for an office building, but that was my only option.  And, I never thought Bruce could help me with this . . . but he did!  He put together some of the most beautiful silk arrangements I could ask for.  A couple years later we were tiring of the same arrangement.  And, for a small fee, he took the same arrangement and switched it up a bit using the same silks and only adding a couple new things – we barely recognized it as the same plant.  It was the perfect option for those times.  Since then we’ve been able to switch back live plants and of course, Bruce and his team continue to manage it for us.  If you’re looking for someone who will take care of your interior plants needs so you don’t have to, you should pick up the phone and call Bruce!

-Carola C. Collier, RPA, Property Manager, Arden Realty, Inc.

Plant Affair and Bruce Richardson were recommended to me by another property manager. The ownership had just completed a million plus renovation of the lobby and common area of a Class A Office building, and we were working with a vendor who had serviced the property’s common area interior plants for a very long time.  The vendor had basically lost his edge for keeping the plants healthy and anticipating the owner’s needs and wants – in fact arguing with me when I started to change things up.

I contacted Bruce who came out and surveyed the property, and he spoke with us about what we were looking for.  We knew we wanted pots, but could never find just the right ones — we wanted some color but didn’t know what kinds of plants could be sustained in the environment — we wanted the plants to look great all year round without having to babysit the vendor to make sure they were doing their job.  Bruce, with his extensive knowledge of the business and plant material, rescued us by working with us to sort through the details, and providing us with whatever else we needed to develop a fresh modern design and then put that design into action for the property.

We do not need to babysit Plant Affair.  Anytime we have had to call, they have responded appropriately and quickly.  With some vendors, like plant maintenance, the vendor should be almost invisible–like the ghost in the machine — everything looks great and is clicking–but there is little to no evidence of how it all gets done.  Plant Affair staff makes everything look seamless and effortless.

They are certified in pesticide application, and are helping us keep a very large and old Rhapis plant free from fungus.  We have been very happy with Bruce and Plant Affair.  When the opportunity presents itself, I have recommended them to our tenants and I highly recommend them overall.

-KAT STIMAC, Property Manager, Mid Valley Properties, Inc.

Plant Affair has been servicing our office plants for approximately 10 years. The Plant Affair team is very professional and proactive in the care of our plants.  The service techs who come to our offices are always professional, unobtrusive and address any issues with us the day of their visit versus waiting weeks to let us know of any problems.  Plant Affair always makes recommendations and suggestions that work with our tight budget. Most importantly, they are a pleasure to deal with and their pride in their work shows – our plants are beautiful! I give Plant Affair my highest recommendation.

-Kathryn R.M. Rubenacker, Good Swartz Brown & Berns, A Division of J.H. Cohn LLP