Why Choose Us?

47 years of Experience


Since 1975

A Plant Affair has been serving the businesses in the greater Los Angeles area since 1975. Our professionally trained plant care technicians use the most effective and time-tested practices to maximize the health and vitality of the plants we service.

We’re Knowledgeable

We know the science behind thriving plants: watering, sub-irrigation, fertilizing, disease and pest control, cleaning and trimming.

We’re Organized

Our infrastructure ensures excellent service and quick turnaround. We can usually respond to plant requests within 24 hours.

We’re Efficient

We service your plants quickly and capably without disrupting your workday.

We’re Licensed

As required by California state law, we are licensed for pesticide application and able to solve most problems using organic methods.

We’re “GREEN”

We reduce our carbon footprint by routing our plant services efficiently.

We’re Ethical

We offer competitive pay, health and retirement benefits to our valued plant care technicians. Some of our technicians have been with our company for over 20 years! We’re a family.

We Guarantee Our Work

We guarantee plants under our care and make replacements as needed at no cost to you.