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Getting Started

A Plant Affair is a one-stop-shop when it comes to interior landscaping. We pride ourselves on superior quality, reliability, professionalism, design and cost-effectiveness in every product and service we sell. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

Our Process
What's Included

Custom Design & Installation

We take pride in our exceptional plantscaping design. Our plant design experts will create an indoor plant environment to suit your specific needs.

In preparing a custom design, the first step involves a free personal visit to your office or building. Our design team will assess the lighting, layout and décor of your space and make plant recommendations that are guaranteed to thrive. We have a vast selection of plants and containers that fit every space, style and budget.

Next, we send you a proposal based on our in-person visit. Once approved, we source the highest quality materials and schedule your installation at a time that works for you. You will be amazed how our lush plants and beautiful containers transform your space!

Sales, Leasing & Maintenance

With your initial proposal, you will be able to decide which on-going maintenance program is right for you. We offer both purchase and lease agreements, which come with our guarantee.

Service visits include watering and fertilizing plants; cleaning plants to maintain a fresh, lush look; applying appropriate measures to control plant diseases and pests; trimming dead leaves, shaping plants and replacing them promptly where needed.

If the need arises for pest control, A Plant Affair is licensed for pesticide application, as required by California state law. With our extensive knowledge in this area, we are able to solve most pest problems using organic methods.

Living Walls

If you are looking to make a statement, ask us about our living walls! Whether you are looking for a decorative accent, an immersive experience in nature from floor to ceiling, or a creative way to showcase your company’s logo, we can design an eye-catching mounted piece of art for you. Our living walls are beautiful and make excellent air-purifiers.

Color Rotation

Looking for a splash of color to go with all that greenery? Ask us about our color rotations!

We maintain a wide selection of beautiful blooms year-round. Our arrangements are perfect for desktops, receptions areas, conference rooms, lobbies and more!

Since blooming plants have a life span of four to eight weeks, we will rotate your color as soon as the plants begin to expire so that your office areas continue looking beautiful.

What if I already have plants and need Service?

No problem! Contact us to set-up a consultation. We will do an assessment of your plants, make recommendations as needed and send you a proposal to be added to our regular service schedule. And, yes, your maintenance plan will still come with our guarantee!