Why Interior Landscaping?

Love Your Workspace


Plants offer natural benefits for the environment, health and well-being, and even the bottom-line!


You may not think about it much – a photocopy here, a permanent marker there – but the fact is that many common office supplies and equipment emit toxic chemicals into the air. Pollutants like formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethene permeate the air and can cause illnesses ranging from fatigue and minor headaches to cancer.

Plants act as natural air filtration systems, absorbing toxins and cleansing the air. By keeping one plant per 100 square feet of office space, you can effectively improve air quality and help keep your employees healthy.

Health & Well-Being

Beautiful green foliage is a proven way to boost mood and morale. Plants have been shown to reduce stress, fatigue, headache, and significantly even fewer employee sick days. They can also increase employee productivity by as much as 12%!

Financial Gains

Buildings with indoor plants tend to have 20% higher rent rates. They add value to your property by distinguishing it as natural and aesthetically pleasing.

Plus, plants help regulate optimal humidity levels in buildings, which saves on heating and cooling costs.